We believe in team leadership at all levels and ours is made up of pastors (also referred to as elders, who are responsible for vision, teaching and overall direction) and deacons (ministry leaders who serve in the various practical & spiritual areas of our community life).

Nathan & Kim Miller

Lead Pastor
Nathan & Kim have been part of Church on the Rock since 1999 and love being part of this amazing community. Kim and Nathan have three children (and a dog) to keep them very active and they love to spend time together having fun and watching movies. In July 2016 Nathan became the lead pastor of the church and his passion is to build teams and encourage and support others growing in their faith. Nathan’s role as a pastor involves coordinating the day-to-day ministry of the church, leading the Staff team, as well as overseeing and building up the other ministry teams, developing effective communication across the community.

James & Michele Herring

James has been part of Church on the Rock for over sixteen years, and became a full time elder in 2011 after working for a local Guernsey charity and as a physio at Care for Children in China. Michele moved from London in 2011 after working for Newfrontiers as an Administrator, to join the Church on the Rock family. Michele is now employed part time to oversee Communications. Their heart is to build community, encouraging discipleship from within the church which impacts and welcomes those who do not yet know Jesus. They have two young children to keep them busy.

Sandra Vaudin

 Pastoral Care
Sandra has attended this church for nearly 12 years with her husband Peter. They have 2 married daughters, 3 grandsons and a granddaughter. Since retiring 6 years ago she has been involved in pastoral care and has now been appointed as a deacon heading up this area. Sandra and Peter also lead a Life group together. Their heart is for people to realise their worth in Christ regardless of their circumstances.

Liz Grantham

Church Administrator
Liz was born in Guernsey and has lived on the island all her life. Liz was married to Tony in 1983 and together they have been part of Church on the Rock for many years. During the years they have been blessed with 6 amazing children. In June 2010 Liz started working for Church on the Rock as the Administrator, and now also does the book-keeping. Liz loves being part of an amazing and versatile staff team, as they seek to build community in this beautiful Island.

Sarah Solway

 Children’s Ministry
Sarah has grown up in the church and became a deacon in 2012. Sarah has responsibility for the Rockclimbers Children’s Ministry age group and heads up an amazing team of leaders. Sarah trained as a teacher at university so she is able to put her degree to good use on Sunday mornings and loves seeing the children grow in their walk with God.



Jon and Judith Le Tocq

New Ground

Jonathan and Judith are based at Church on the Rock but now released and sent from us to serve the churches and leaders in our global family of New Ground and Newfrontiers, focusing on Europe and France in particular. They have been involved at the heart of this church since it first began, and when the fledgling group emerged as the King’s Church in the late 80s Jon served as senior pastor for over 25 years as it developed into Church on the Rock.Judith loves travelling with Jon and together they feel especially called to inspire the prophetic, raise up younger leaders, support healthy marriages and family life. They have a vision to see all followers of Jesus equipped as a missionaries wherever they live and work.Judith loves her part-time work as a nurse, Jon has also served  in the political world for several years; he is currently Minister for External Relations in Guernsey’s government.

They have three grown up daughters. Twitter: @letocq


photography: Adrian Tostevin