Church on the Rock are part of the Newground family of churches, which comes under the banner of Newfrontiers. We also have links with New Wine and are associated with the Guernsey Evangelical Alliance.

The gospel

The gospel means ‘Good News’ and this is found in getting to know the real Jesus; accepting him as Saviour means finding your true hope outside of this life but simultaneously finding the power now to deal with all the things we do or think which condemn us, fill us with guilt and regret, or steal our joy – we call these things ‘sins’ and the Gospel means Jesus and only Jesus unconditionally liberates us from all the effects of sin, healing our lives and enabling us to forgive others who have offended us too.

It really is all about Jesus – it’s that simple!

We believe mission is the call on every Christian to take the Gospel into the world and make a difference. Jesus proclaimed a Kingdom – the Kingdom of Heaven – and he said it was close at hand. This Kingdom is the restoration of the government of God in the whole world – in life, relationships, marriages, families, work, rest, education, leadership, business, government, etc. The Church of God is the agent of mission in the world – Jesus commissioned us to “go and make disciples of all nations” and so communities of disciples, from different walks of life, who love Jesus, love one another and demonstrate the Gospel where they live and work are the key to successful mission. Through teaching, training, raising up, releasing and sending disciple-making disciples into neighbourhoods and nations we aim to do our part in God’s mission to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth, starting right here in Guernsey.

The Church is a spiritual community, made up of all those (living and dead) who have turned from their sin and trusted in Jesus alone for their salvation, all of whom have been given new life by the Holy Spirit and are united to Jesus as ‘one body’. The Church is founded on the truths found in the Bible (the Apostles’ teaching) and is not identical to one denomination, institution, or gathering of people.

We believe that there is one God who has eternally existed in a community of three: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All are to be worshipped and all are equally God. None of them ever came into existence at a point in time. They are not identical to one another (the Father is not the Son nor the Holy Spirit and the Son is not the Father nor the Spirit, etc.) but they are one in will and essence.

God the Father

God the Father created all things (both visible and invisible realities) out of nothing, according to his will, through the Son and in the power of the Holy Spirit. He is faithful to every promise and out of all that he created he intends for humanity, in particular, to live in relationship with Himself. Therefore, in an act of great mercy and love, he sent his Son into the world.

God the Son

He Came: Moved by love and in obedience to his Father, the Son came into the world as a man, but without the loss of his divinity. He was conceived by the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit, and was born as Jesus of Nazareth through the virgin Mary. He was tempted in every way that we are and yet lived a sinless life. He came to reveal God to us and to rescue us from our rebellion and rejection of God (sin) and it’s consequences.

He Died and Rose: He died on the cross in our place, removing all barriers to our relationship with the Father. Three days later, he rose bodily from the grave, as a demonstration of his power over sin and death, and as proof of his identity as the eternal Son of God. For 40 days after his resurrection, he remained on the earth and appeared to over 500 people, teaching them and eating with them. After this time he retuned to heaven, where he now rules at the ‘right hand of the Father’, and through him all who love him have access to the Father.

He Will Come Again: At an unknown time in the future, Jesus will return physically, to establish his everlasting kingdom. At this time all the dead will be physically raised, and along with the living will be judged by him, according to how they have responded to his life and teachings.

God the Holy Spirit

God the Holy Spirit was sent by God the Father and the Son into the world in order to: make us aware of our need of a saviour, lead us to trust in Jesus’ life and work and to empower the believer to live a new life in obedience to God. He spoke through the Old Testament Prophets and inspired the writers of the New Testament, and he enables us to understand what God has revealed about himself.