About the writer

Abi Coleman has a background in media, and enjoys being a homemaker and caring for her two young children. She is Married to Andy, is a deacon of worship and a worship leader at COTR, and writes songs as part of the homegrown team.

We are hosting a sewing event to support the work of the Tumaini Fund and make a valuable contribution to young women’s lives in Tanzania.

There are many things in our western culture that we take for granted;

Food always being in shops.

Water coming from the tap.

Hot water for a shower.

Wifi… free wifi for our every need.

Toilet paper when we use the loo.

Sanitary products when the monthly’s arrive.

Most of us would say these things are a necessity for modern living.  And although for some, the ability to have 24hr constant free wifi maybe life enhancing, for others in the world, access to female hygiene kits would be life changing.

You see, there are women and girls in Tanzania who do not attend school for one week each month because they do not have access to sanitary products during their monthly periods.  And there are women who stay home from work each month when they have no access to female hygiene  products, limiting their capacity to provide for their families.

In my eyes, and those of charities such as The Tumaini Fund and Days for Girls, this is an unacceptable level of inequality.

So, we will sew.

Sew to help women attend work.

Sew to help girls attend school.

Sew to help women feel confident.

Sew to help girls feel empowered.

Sew to help women feel loved.

Sew to help girls know monthly’s are normal.

With sewing machines, scissors, irons and thread at the ready – this coming Saturday at Church on the Rock we will be joining with The Tumaini Fund to sew washable sanitary kits for girls and women in Tanzania.

Come and join us and encourage a woman to know she is valuable everyday of the year. For more information on the event please click here.