About the writer

Paul is an elder at Church on the Rock, leading the staff team and overseeing the ministry teams.

Church on the Rock has begun it’s building project!

We’ve already demolished part of our premises with the intention of creating a garden for families to enjoy. Our half a million pound scheme is intended to make our premises more user friendly with ‘fit for purpose’ community facilities, and up to date disabled access.

Our Church has the vision to work increasingly with smaller children and their parents, to become more involved with our local community – specifically with more vulnerable families. We hope we can grow to accommodate more facilities and even services that will greatly benefit families on the island. At the same time as focusing primarily on the above, we are very aware that our demographic runs from cradle to grave, so we continue to develop our work with teenagers, that broad band of middle-aged members, and also the more elderly.

Our building project is an exciting hinge point for Church on the Rock as we journey towards becoming more relevant and more accessible to the island. Our current premises are out of date and worn. The new plans reveal more meeting rooms, multi-purpose space, lounges, new offices, better kitchens, and even a professional recording studio. We have a long-standing tradition of contemporary music at The Rock, and hope that others across the island who require recording facilities will make use of it. We will also have a lift, which will be of great benefit to those not able to manage the stairs, but also to parents with small children and buggies etc.

We have already raised £210,000, which is amazing! We have a long way to go. We need to raise an additional £250,000 on top of this over the next six months, so we don’t have much time! Every bit of help we can get will be gratefully received so if you feel you can help financially, please contact our administrator on office@rock.gg.