About the writer

Kim has been part of Church on the Rock for 17 years. She is married to Nathan, and has 3 children. She works as a book keeper preparing trust and company accounts and in her spare time enjoys reading and family walks with their dogs.

Most fairy tales seem to end with a wedding and then the words “and they lived happily ever after”.

In reality the adventure of a lifetime is just beginning! Nathan and I have been married for nearly 18 years now, and we love it. But, it’s not always easy. When we were dating we had a lot of fun together and laughed often and that has continued. But when the stresses, complications and the pain that can come in life turn up we have had to learn how to handle that together.

We are so grateful that we have had good role models to learn from and also benefitted greatly from going on the Marriage Course. The first time we took part was four years into our marriage. Soon after that our second child came along, I stopped working and Nathan changed jobs. So, we were exhausted, had more expenses and less income and not as much time to spend together. But, we had learned many valuable lessons on the course that helped us to communicate and show love to each other, that we not only survived that change of season but were able to grow closer together.

The Marriage Course is designed to help couples navigate their way through life together. The talks do not tell you what you should do, or what a “perfect” marriage should look like. Instead they give you the tools to strengthen your relationship and help you discover how you can enjoy your marriage the most. A typical evening consists of welcome drinks together before couples settle down to their own table for two with a candle lit meal. There will be a talk on dvd with pauses to discuss (just as couples) what has just been presented and use the handbook to work through different exercises.

The seven topics covered are:

Building strong foundations

The art of communication

Resolving conflict

The power of forgiveness

The impact of family – past and present

Good sex

Love in action

All really helpful! The course is really valuable and I highly recommend it as an investment into your relationship.

If you would like to find out more about our upcoming Marriage Course, click here.