About the writer

Andy is a carpenter by trade and, along with Abi, heads up the worship at Church On The Rock. He has a vision for gospel centred worship, unity and community.



PRAISE YOUR NAME – free download

HOME are a group of songwriters in Church On The Rock who write songs out of prophecies and words brought in either of the sunday services. These songs reflect where the church is at and what God is doing in us as a congregation.

Praise Your Name hopes to catch a glimpse of the ‘bigness’ of God. A testament to an attitude towards God that refuses to be dictated by circumstance, good or bad, because He is bigger and worthy to be praised through it all. The song rests in the sure hope that Jesus has conquered sin and defeated death through the cross. A truth that inspires response. To praise His name.

‘Jesus my rescuer, Lamb who was slain, now risen and glorified, your wonderful name. We praise your name.’