• StreetLife Pastors is an initiative that is coordinated by local Churches, and supported by the Guernsey Police. The purpose of StreetLife is to give pastoral support to people who are out in Town on Friday nights, between 11pm and 3am. Our teams of volunteers are on hand to look after, listen, and talk with people who are in any kind of need.
  • We aim to help create a positive, safe environment in Town, free from aggression and crime, and to see a 50% reduction in crime rates on the streets when we are on duty.
  • We have a team of around 30 volunteers on a rota system, with around 8 team members on duty each Friday night.
  • We split up into 3 small teams, patrolling the streets, giving out bottles of water, flip flops, lollies, etc. We talk and listen with people, and offer prayer.
  • If you are a Christian in Guernsey, then this could be an exciting ministry opportunity for you to be a part of! StreetLife is a fantastic way to serve the people of Guernsey, by being salt and light in the darkness.
  • If you would like to know more, please contact James Herring at Church on the Rock, on 07839215633.