22-28 June

Discussion Questions

  • Chat about how and why comfort can be found in the fact that God hears and listens to each and everyone of our prayers (using an example from your own life if possible).

  • Think about any areas in your life that you once prayed passionately about and really hoped to see Gods hand at work in. Yet, for whatever reason, these things have fallen away from your prayer life.

  • Thirdly and finally, consider and discuss the following two points
  1. Firstly, what the different reasons are that have lead you to becoming silent with God on the matters just mentioned in point 2, rather than continuing to pray into the situation? 
  2. And secondly, whether these reasons sit comfortably with the truth we read in Matthew 19:26 (where Jesus says that with God, all things are possible)?

It could be that we need to reconsider some of our reasons, but I hope as a lifegroup you can encourage each other in these discussions and offer support and prayer to one another as you go through these points.

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