13-20 July

Discussion Questions:

Sung worship on a Sunday is an important part of what we do when we gather. Our singing delights God. Psalm 96 talks of a call to sing a new song to God. Regardless of how good a singer we think we are, we are all invited to set aside distractions and to give our affections to Him. That’s an intentional decision for all of us. Please spend a few minutes thinking about discussing the questions below.

Question 1. We’re called to sing ‘a new song’ and to sing bodly and faithfully to God. How can we better prepare our hearts for worship before gathering on Sundays?

Question 2. Colossians 3:16 says we are to ‘teach and admonish one another’. As Christians, allowing others to speak into our lives is really important. Are we open to allowing that to happen? Do you have a past example of how that has been helpful in your life?

Question 3. How can we encounter the Holy Spirit more in our times of worship?

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